Lift Kara De: Salman Khan & Katrina Kaif (DVD)
Lift Kara De: Salman Khan & Katrina Kaif (DVD)

Lift Kara De: Salman Khan & Katrina Kaif (DVD)

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Hindi Television Serial hosted by Karan Johar, Guests: Salman Khan / Katrina Kaif


How do you... Meet your favorite star Help a person in need and have a lot of fun doing it all? Till nozw you've been the crazy Fan And he's been the superstar But now... Your Favorite Star is looking for his Biggest FanThe Fan who will become his Biggest HeroA Reality Show. Where your favorite Star Says "Mera Sabse Bada Fan Banega Mera Sabse Bada Hero".

Salman is at his entertaining best in this episode of "Lift kare De" as he jokes and laughs with Karan Johar while watching his fans declare their undying love for him. In his city of choice - Indore - his three shortlisted fans have to sell "Channa Jor Garam" a famous savoury snack of Indore. Unknown to them their efforts will help the family of Babulal Phulmali a rag picker who has a blind wife and a young daughter who wants to be a doctor - an impossible dream. But with Salman Khan's help and his biggest fan's efforts, it may not just stay an impossible dream. Watch as Salman Khan brightens up a young life at the same time gives his biggest fan an unforgettable day.

Katrina Kaif did her first Indian film in Hyderabad so its the city she chooses for her fans to compete in and the city from where a needy person will have their life lifted. Her top three fans will make and sell jewellery on handcarts in the busy streets of Hyderabad in order to be declared Katrina's biggest fan but they will in turn help Sunita Parasa who works as a maid to earn a meagre few thousand rupees a month. Her salary cannot help her son who has a severe deformity caused by rickets. For that she needs a miracle and that miracle will be provided by Katrina's biggest fan.

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Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif
16-9 Anamorphique (compatible avec écran 4-3), Dolby Digital 5.1, NTSC
Toutes les régions
Nombre de disques
180 minutes
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