Naan Mahaan Alla DVD
Naan Mahaan Alla DVD

Naan Mahaan Alla DVD

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A playful young man leads a very happy life, but everything changes when his father witnesses a heinous crime.


Jeeva is a Chennai-based youngster who hails from a middle-class family. His father, Pragasam, is a call taxi driver and the family's sole breadwinner. Jeeva meets a woman named Priya at their friend's wedding, and soon they fall for each other. Upon meeting Priya's father, Jeeva is asked to get a job first in order to get married. Jeeva accepts, taking the job but soon gets fired. However, Pragasam, who had witnessed a girl being taken away by a group of 5 young men, gets attacked by them. He is admitted to the hospital, where they try to kill him again in the absence of Jeeva but fail to do so. Pragasam is brought home, and Jeeva starts taking responsibility for his family by reclaiming his lost job and maintaining all the accounts. Looking at the news reports of the girl that boarded his taxi and got mutilated by the 5 guys, Pragasam calls Jeeva to accompany him to the morgue, where he helps the investigating officer by providing him clues about the killer. Sensing trouble, the gang enlists the help of Pey Babu, the uncle of one of the members, to plan and kill Pragasam after explaining how they killed the girl and her lover. When Pragasam and Jeeva go out to shop for the latter's sister's wedding, one of the men calls Jeeva on behalf of a store, thus separating him from his father. The men then create a stampede by throwing bottles as one of them stabs Pragasam with a piece of poisoned glass shrapnel. Pragasam instantly dies in Jeeva's arms, and following his cremation, Jeeva tells the cops not to pursue the killers anymore as it would bring nothing but trouble for his middle-class family.

However, Jeeva undergoes a violent transformation and decides to take the law into his hands, fearing the gang might commit more inhumane crimes if left free. He recalls one of the men, during his father's death, looked the same as Pragasam described him during his visit to the morgue. Jeeva enlists the help of his friend Kutti Nadesan, a Chennai gangster, to track down the gang. Kutti Nadesan, with his influence, asks his gang to bring all the guys who plan for a murder in Chennai, so that Jeeva can identify him. While Jeeva is busy identifying the killers, Pey Babu leaves upon being questioned by Nadesan. Jeeva realizes Pey Babu was the man who delivered pamphlets at his home before Pragasam's murder. A chase ensues, and Jeeva succeeds in capturing Pey Babu after a brief fight. He orders him to call the boys and tell them to stay in front of their college. Jeeva succeeds in capturing his father's killer and tries to escape, but the gang gets alerted and ends up freeing their friend from Jeeva's custody following a glass bottle attack. One of the gang members stabs Pey Babu to his death. Jeeva chases the attacker near a railway line where the two brutally fight, resulting in the attacker getting run over by a train.

Jeeva visits the deceased gang member's funeral to catch his friends, who escape before Jeeva sees them. They go to the beach, and Nadesan is also there along with his henchmen. The gang gets drunk and vows to kill Jeeva, who contacts Nadesan to find out about the four remaining boys. However, noticing the boys yelling, Nadesan asks for specifics and confirms the gang's location at the beach. While trying to confront the gang, Nadesan and his henchmen are lured into a trap where they are all eliminated one-by-one before Jeeva arrives. A brutal fight ensues, leaving the gang members fatally wounded. Jeeva throws them into a pit and departs after burying all of them.

Détails du produit

Karthi, Kajal Agarwal, Jayaprakash, Soori, Vijay Sethupathi, Lakshmi Ramakrishnan
Yuvan Shankar Raja
16-9 Anamorphique (compatible avec écran 4-3), Dolby Digital 5.1, NTSC
Toutes les régions
Nombre de disques
131 minutes
Date de sortie
Action, Drame, Thriller

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