Eduruleni Manishi DVD (2001)
Eduruleni Manishi DVD (2001)

Eduruleni Manishi DVD

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De Jonnalagadda Srinivasa Rao. Avec Nagarjuna, Soundarya

Surya Murthy lives a very wealthy lifestyle in India along with his parents, his niece, and a younger look-alike brother, Satya. His parents would like him to get married, but he refuses...


Surya Murthy (Nag) is the head of a village where he is highly respected by the entire village, except for the troublemaking Nazar. Surya Murthy stays with his grandfather (Satyanarayana) and grandmother and a 6-year-old girl Rani (Suhani). He has a younger look-alike brother Satyamurthy, aka Sathya (Nag again) in Hyderabad completing his engineering in computer science. Satya has a non-Telugu-speaking girlfriend Sri (Shehnaz). Satya has a worrying factor now. His elder brother Surya Murthy has decided not to marry in his life. Hence, Satya starts looking for a suitable bride for his elder brother. There he meets Vasundhara (Soundarya) at a temple and decides that she is the right choice for his elder brother. He approaches Vasundhara and asks her hand for marrying his elder brother. Later on, Vasundhara happens to observe the heroism and goodness in Surya Murthy when he comes to Hyderabad to meet Satya. Later on, Vasundhara comes to know that Surya Murthy and Satya are the younger brothers of the man who married her elder sister Bhavani. She tells Vasundhara that Surya Murthy played a villain role in their life and he was instrumental in her husband dying after prolonged boozing due to the compounding problems. She also tells that after her husband's demise, Surya Murthy forcibly took away her daughter Rani. After coming to know about her elder sisters flashback, Vasundhara decides to take revenge by marrying Surya Murthy and then slowly destroy the entire family. She accepts the proposal of Satya to marry his brother Surya Murthy. Then they start doing a drama by making Vasundhara stay in the village of Satya and creating situations where Vasundhara saves Rani from the perils. After the repetitive requests from his family members and Rani, Surya Murthy marries Vasundhara. The first step of Vasundhara after marriage was to postpone the first night by 22 days by bribing the priest. Then she transfers the money and jewelry to his sister's house with the help of a petty thief. But that thief runs away without giving jewelry to her sister and gets caught by the police. Meantime, Satya realizes the intentions of his sister-in-law Vasundhara and explains her the flashback of Rani and tells her that it was Bhavani who was a characterless lady. By the time Vasundhara realizes the fault in her, the thief was presented in the house of Surya Murthy and was interrogated as to who gave him jewelry. To save his sister-in-law, Satya behaves in a strange manner and tells Surya Murthy that he wants his partnership in the property. He says that he stole the jewelry and wants the thief to sell that off so that he can start his software business. With that incident, the brothers split. The rest of the film is about how the brothers get united and decimate the villain gang.

Détails du produit

Nagarjuna, Soundarya, Srinivasa Rao Kota, Nassar, Ali, Brahmanandam
Jonnalagadda Srinivasa Rao
S.A. Rajkumar
16-9 Anamorphique (compatible avec écran 4-3), Dolby Digital 5.1, NTSC
Toutes les régions
Nombre de disques
138 minutes
Date de sortie
Comédie, Drame

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