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Vallal DVD

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Avec: Sathyaraj, Meena, Goundamani, Sangeetha
Réalisateur: Rajkapoor
Compositeur: Deva
Codage: Multi-zones
Langue: Tamoul
Sous-titre: Anglais
Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
Durée: (environ) 150 minutes
Bonus: Menus Interactives, Sélection des Scènes et Chansons..

This movie is about Sathyaraj who loves Roja one-sided and she marries her uncle. Once Manivannan & Roja's husband get into a fight. Unfortunately Roja & her husband die. So Sathyaraj did not marry anyone & spare his life for Roja's daughter Sangeetha. Because of this issue there was a break in the family, Lakshmi who is Manivannan wife and he were separated. This made Manivannan very angry so he always wants to avenge. Once Saves save a girl (Meena) from the sea. Meena will get closer into the family and Manorama ask Sathyaraj to marry Meena. And this creates a problem for Sangeetha as she looses Sathyaraj's attention, she comes out of her family and stays in Manivannan's house. Later Lakshmi explains the whole story to her and lets her go to her father. In the end Meena, Sathyaraj, Sangeetha, Manorama, Goundamani & Senthil live together happily.

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