Veede / Srirama Chandrulu (DVD)
Veede / Srirama Chandrulu (DVD)

Veede / Srirama Chandrulu (DVD)

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Avec: Ravi Teja, Aarti Agarwal, Reema Sen, Rajendraprasad, Sivaji, Brahmanandam, Raasi, Rambha, Kovai Sarala
Réalisateur: Ravi Raja Pinisetty, Srikanth
Compositeur: Chakri, Ghantadi Krishna
Codage: Multi-zones
Langue: Telugu
Sous-titre: Aucun
Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1
Vidéo: Format 16/9 compatible 4/3
Durée: (environ) 300 minutes



Edu Kondalu (Ravi Teja) is an uneducated, head strong youth in Bobbarlanka village. He and his village heads decide to close down the nearby factory by appealing to politicians as its letting out a lot of pollutants into the river which is the main source of food, water and livelihood for them. He and another girl Manga Thaayaru (Aarti Agarwal) are sent to Hyderabad to appeal to MLA of their constituency - Byragi Naidu (Sayaji Shinde). They stay at a Friend's place (Ali's house) and try to get their work done by the minister. In the process many hurdles come across them. Edu Kondalu roughs up a few of the MLA's goons and is always at loggerheads with his henchmen. After all this, Byragi Naidu begins to show his true colors and plans to butcher Edu Kondalu as he is forming as an obstruction to his underground activities, unknowingly. Then, the protagonist of the story decides to teach the MLA a lesson, get his job done of closing down the factory. Swapna (Reema Sen) is a journalist who stays in Edu Kondalu's locality and has a heavy crush on him. She also helps him in pinning down the minister. The remaining plot is how intelligently Edu Kondalu outclasses the minister and earns good name. Also in the plot, the hero makes use of Shakeela's films to defame the minister and she herself makes an appearance in the film.

Srirama Chandrulu

Three friends Sreeram, Chandu and Rambabu reside in the same village. Their primary job is to dominate their wives. One day they happen to save Sundari from a road accident, and all the three guys claim themselves to be unmarried and Sundari says that she would marry the one who impresses her with their character. What will happen to the wives?.


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