Blackasia - Volume1 CD

Blackasia - Volume1 CD

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Langue: Hindi
Editeur: Times Music
Paru: 2006
Compositeurs: DJ Adil Ray

Titres des chansons

  1. Intro: Karanguni
  2. Bollywood Lust
  3. Liquid
  4. Interlude: Welcome To Singapore
  5. Salvation Man
  6. Lemon Grass
  7. Interlude: Shivaji Park
  8. Indian Blues
  9. Sushi
  10. Interlude: Hong Hong Terminal
  11. Tim Sum Vindaloo
  12. Interlude: Indians & Gayas
  13. Sweet Pain
  14. Battle
  15. India
  16. Interlude: Chinese Medical Hall
  17. Crack

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