Ennai Paar Yogam Varum / Indhu (DVD)
Ennai Paar Yogam Varum / Indhu (DVD)

Ennai Paar Yogam Varum / Indhu (DVD)

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2in1 DVD containing Ennai Paar Yogam Varum & Indhu


The lovers Meena (Priyanka Shailu) and Jeeva (Kutty) elope and they decide to get married at the registrar's office. Meena's father Anandaraman (R. Sundarrajan) orders the rowdy Jaga (Mansoor Ali Khan) to bring him his daughter back and to put Jeeva in jail. At the registrar's office, Jaga and his sidekicks break the arm of the deputy tehsildar Krishnamoorthy (Manikka Vinayagam) and he forges his signature on a marriage document. Jaga tracks down the lovers in a police station and he blames Jeeva of kidnapping Meena and for signature forgery. Jeeva is then put in police lockup and Jaga forcefully brings Meena to her father.

Kandeepan (Kandeepan) falls in love with Jagadeeshwari (Manju) and he makes his mother Seethamangalam Muthamma (Anuradha), a greedy and corrupt politician, accepts for the marriage. Krishnamoorthy decides to get VRS and puts all his savings to arrange his daughter's wedding. Thereafter, Muthamma makes a deal with a political leader: fixing the marriage between Kandeepan and the political leader's granddaughter. Muthamma then delegates Jaga the mission of stopping the wedding between her son and Jagadeeshwari. On the day of the marriage, Jaga wreaked havoc in the wedding hall and stops the marriage. Krishnamoorthy who felt humiliated and distraught of losing all his savings dies of a heart attack on the spot. Jagadeeshwari vows to take revenge on Jaga.

Later, Jagadeeshwari files a false rape complaint against Jaga and he is arrested by the police but he then comes out of jail thanks to his lawyer. Meanwhile, Jeeva, who is now in a wheelchair after a failed suicide attempt, and Meena meet Jagadeeshwari, and Jagadeeshwari promises them to arrange their marriage. Jaga feels guilty for Jeeva's accident and he himself arranges their marriage while Anandaraman genuinely accepts Jeeva as his son-in-law. Jaga later comes to know about Muthamma's true face and saves Jagadeeshwari from her. The film ends with Jaga and Jagadeeshwari falling in love with each other.

Story about a couple who fight odds to be together and is saved by a an elder villager.

Product Details

Mansoor Ali Khan, Manju, Prabhu Deva, Roja, Sarath Kumar, Kushboo
M. Jameen Raj / Pavithran
Music Director
A.K. Vasagan, Devendran / Deva
16:9 Anamorphic (compatible 4:3 screen format), Dolby Digital 5.1, NTSC
All Regions
Number of discs
Release Date
Comedy, Drama, Romance

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