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Imsai Arasan 23rd Pulikesi DVD (2006) | AYNGARAN | BOLLYMARKET.COM

Imsai Arasan 23rd Pulikesi DVD


Historical Comedy about a Dravidian Ruler and his family.


The abstract of the story line is like this.Nakhesh and Aachi Manorama were the King and Queen of that land. Being guided by their philosopher and guide Naasar. The king and queen lost all their 22 children even at birth they used to have a twin at last. Everyone celebrates this but Naasar thought it in other way, "If this twin came to power in future then it will be a retrogation to all my positions". Conditioned by this thought Naasar planned for the alternative.

Then he plans for a suggestion from the astrologer. The astrologer suggests that among the twin one will be a rebel and other will be in a slave ethics. Concluded by this suggestion Naasar proposed to disown the child forecasted as rebel in a forest and to own the child forecasted with slave ethics. Then he declared to the queen and king that they delivered a single male child.

The palace doctor and his wife have found the child orphaned in the forest. Vennira Aadai Moorthi the palace doctor trains the child with all required martial arts.
Whereas the child in the palace who is also crowned as King 23rd Pulikesi after the death of the King Nagesh, grows in the warmth of Naasar. He turns out to be a cowardly, timid, fun-loving youth and a womenizer. While the orphan child Ukkrabuddhan develops into a full- fledged scholar and brave and valiant warrior.

As per the advice of Naasar, Pulikesi get ties with the British, and develops a trade market for them in his kingdom. He agrees to pay tax to the East India Company, Pulikesi also ablazes communal riots in the country. The people start disliking their cruel king. Meanwhile Ukkrabuddhan forms an association to flatten the rule of the King and the British in corollary.

He proposes to kill Pulikesi and Naasar and what ever the element that supports the Alien in his land. Simaltaneously the commander Sriman also plans to assassinate Pulikesi for the same reason. Due to an out of the blue event, Ukkrabuddhan comes to know of his past and that Pulikesi is his brother. Does Ukkrabuddhan take revenge on the exploiters in his land? Do the brothers re-unite? Finally what happens to the country? This is what the riddle the film place before you.

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Vadivelu, Nagesh, Manorama, Nassar, Sriman, Ilavarasu, Monica, Nandita, Tejasri
Chimbu Deven
Music Director
16:9 Anamorphic (compatible 4:3 screen format), Dolby Digital 5.1, NTSC
All Regions
Number of discs
Run Time
142 minutes
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