Chanddi DVD
Chanddi DVD

Chanddi DVD

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Avec: Ramya, Khusbhoo, Mala Shri, Rami Reddy, Tom Alter
Réalisé par: A.Mohanagandhi
Compositeur: Hamsalekha
Codage: Multi-zones
Langue: Hindi
Sous-titres: Anglais, Français, Allemand, Néerlandais
Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
Vidéo: Format 16/9 compatible 4/3, Format cinéma respecté scope 2.35


Two lovely sisters, a lawyer and a Police Inspector, pledge to uphold the cause of law and justice. When the Police Inspector tries to bring and evil politician's goons under the purview of the law, the rogues make life miserable for her. The land-grabbing politician uses his connections to ensure that she gets suspended and humiliated. Meanwhile, the girls' mother, who witness a ghastly murder commited by the politician's gang, reports the same to the Police. The politician's gangsters torture the mother and evoke the ire of the two sisters. The angels are forced to turn unto avengers! Will the sisters take revenge by using the law or breaking it? Will good triumph over evil? Will juctice be meted out to the righteous? Watch Chanddi...


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