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Aurat DVD

Aurat DVD

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Avec: Feroz Khan, Rajesh Khanna, Padmini, Pran, Lalita Pawar
Réalisateurs: S.S.Vasan, S.S.Balan 
Musique: Ravi
Codage: Multi-zones
Langue: Hindi
Sous-titre: Anglais
Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
Vidéo: Format 16/9 compatible 4/3
Durée: 150 minutes
Genre: Drame

Parvathi, born as the eldest in a poor family, works hard to take care of her mother, six sister of whom one is dumb and also educate her only brother, suresh, for medicine. She loves anand whp wants to marry her after her wins an inheritance case of his that is in the court. But circumstances force parvathi to sacrifice her love and marry manoharlal, who is the father of six children. Suresh falls in love with manoharlal's sister, asha, but when manoharlal comes to know of his, he gives suresh a beating and also stops the financial help he had been giving to parvathi's family...

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