Insaaf DVD

Insaaf DVD



Avec: Vinod Khanna, Dimple Kapadia, Suresh Oberoi, Dalip Tahil, Shakti Kapoor
Réalisé par: Mukul Anand
Compositeur: Laxmikant Pyarelal
Codage: Multi-zones
Langue: Hindi
Sous-titres: Anglais, Français, Allemand, Espagnol, Italien, Portugais
Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
Durée: (environ) 150 minutes
Bonus: Menus Interactive, Sélection des chapitres, Sous-titres..

Fresh out of law school, Advocate Avinash Kapoor lands a job as a Lecturer in a city college. This appointment does not last long as some male students decide to make his life miserable, when he resists, they kidnap his blind sister, Geeta, and molest her. When Avinash beats them up, he is arrested, and found guilty by a Judge without even a trial, when he protests, he is sentenced to six days in jail for contempt of court. When he returns he finds that he is no longer employed. He does get employment as a Lawyer for a firm, only to be sacked the next day when they find out he has been in jail. The Kapoors move to Bombay, where his mother has a heart attack and Avinash compromises on all his good values and goes to work for a smuggle and drug dealer, Agnihotri, so as to make payments for his mom's treatment. He falls in love with a dancer named Sonia, not knowing that Agnihotri's brother, Dilip, is also interested in her. Sonia and Avinash get intimate, Sonia gets pregnant, and she moves in with Avinash and his family. Dilip is not satisfied and wants Sonia for himself, so he abducts and molests her leading to her death. An enraged Avinash hunts down Dilip and kills him, thus making himself a target by both the police and the very underworld that he was a part of. Avinash is arrested and held in a cell. It is at this point he decides to spill the beans on Agnihotri and his illicit trades, on the condition that the police offer protection to his sister and mom, which they agree to. All is set for Avinash's court testimony, when he receives a note that his mom and sister have been abducted and he must confess to the killings of both Sonia and Dilip. Avinash is now in a quandary - if he testifies against Agnihotri, his sister and mom will be killed, and if he does not - then he may well face the death sentence.

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