Neranja Manasu DVD
Neranja Manasu DVD

Neranja Manasu DVD

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The villagers of Suriyakudi believe that young Ayyanar will be their saviour. Ayyanar soon gets Sivanandi imprisoned for killing his own father. Years later, Sivanandi returns to kill him.


In Suryakudi, a village in Madurai district, the people stole from neighbouring villages and made a living. The local administration had washed their hands off this hell hole. One day, the thief Irulaiah (Sampath Raj) escaped from the police and left his pregnant wife (Sindhu). Many years later, Irulaiah returned to his village with his new wife and daughter Irulayi. His son Sivanandi killed him to steal his money and his wife died while trying to save him. His cousin Ayyanar, who witnessed it, informed the police and Sivanandi was arrested.

20 years later, Ayyanar (Vijayakanth) is a good samaritan who tries his best to improve the living of the villagers and he is highly respected by his peers. After being released from jail, a vengeful Sivanandi (Sampath Raj) returns to his village and wants to kill his cousin Ayyanar. Meanwhile, Irulayi (Susan) who is in love with Ayyanar tries to woo him and the new village doctor (Mahima) also likes him.

The village woman Thavamani (Mangai) finds out that the funds meant for the development of the village are being shared by the local bureaucracy led by revenue divisional officer Thirumalaisamy (Pyramid Natarajan) and informs Ayyanar. Thirumalaisamy then murders the innocent Thavamani and a vengeful Ayyanar kills him. Inspector Adithya (Adithya Menon) inquiries the villagers about the murder at the police station and knows that Ayyanar is the culprit. A short-tempered Ayyanar slaps Adithya for threatening the village women and a villager sets the police station on fire and Adithya is disfigured. Later, Sivanandi asks his friend Masanam to marry his sister Irulayi but Ayyanar comes to her rescue and beats up Masanam.

Sivanandi joins hands with Masanam and Adithya to kill Ayyanar. During a fight, Sivanandi is frustrated for not being able to kill Ayyanar and Ayyanar convinces him to become a good man thus Sivanandi has a change of heart. Ayyanar then beats up Masanam and Adithya. The film ends with the collector Venkatraman (Nassar) announcing that the funds will be given to the villagers.

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Vijayakanth, Susan, Mahima, Senthil, Nasser, Manorama, Senthil, Sampath Raj, Ilavarasu, Venkat Prabhu, Mansoor Ali Khan, Adithya Menon, M.S. Bhaskar
Music Director
Karthik Raja, Vidyasagar
16:9 Anamorphic (compatible 4:3 screen format), Dolby Digital 5.1, NTSC
All Regions
Number of discs
Run Time
152 minutes
Release Date
Action, Drama

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