Shri Krishna Leela DVD

Shri Krishna Leela DVD



Avec: Master Sachin, Hena Kumari, Jayasri Gadkar, Padmarani, Tun Tun
Réalisé par: Homi Wadia
Compositeur: S.N.Tripathi
Codage: Multi-zones
Langue: Hindi
Sous-titres: Anglais, Français, Allemand, Espagnol, Italien, Portugais
Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
Durée: (environ) 150 minutes
Bonus: Menus Interactive, Sélection des chapitres, Sous-titres..



It was prophesised to kans, the wicked king of mathura, That the eight child born to his sister devaki and her husband vasudev, Would be his nemesis. So he killed seven of their children, but the eight child born was krishna. Krishna-the pratham purush, the first and only principal that made this universz manifest and created humanity. Watch the episode of destruction of kans by mere stripling of a lad.

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