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Avec: Ilene Hamann, Irrfan, Shel Seth, Himanshu Malik, Munish Makhija, Shyamoli Varma
Réalisé par: Himanshu Brambhatt
Compositeur: MM. Kreem
Codage: Multi-zones
Langue: Hindi
Sous-titres: Anglais, Français
Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
Durée: (environ) 150 minutes
Bonus: Menu Interactive, Sélection des chapitres, Sous-titres..


The mutilated body of Maya Solomon (Ilene Hamman) a well known model is found in her house. A specialist cop in solving crimes Uday Singh Rathod (Irrfan Khan) is entrusted with the case. He along with his assistant Munna (Munish Makhija) get going on the case. The suspects are simple. The model’s mentor Harsh Vardhan (Suhel Seth) is a journalist and columnist who thinks no end of himself. Then there is Ali (Himanshu Malik) the Casanova who was in love with her and slated to marry her till she found the truth about his philandering ways, just before her death. There is her aunt Shamolie Varma (Shamolie Varma) as well who Ali has been sleeping with. Now what? Uday slowly starts putting the pieces together in Maya’s life and realises that he is also falling prey to her charms even though she manages to make her love him through her picture on the wall. He goes to her house, stays there and tries to solve the case, but gets immersed in her life, her letters and personal diary. He gets a few clues and the finger of suspicion points at the three people. Soon he feels that Ali is the killer. However Harsh Vardhan’s activities too are a bit suspect. So who is the killer? Watch Rog.

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