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Sins DVD


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  • Avec: Shiney Ahuja, Seema Rahmani, Uttara Baokar & Nitesh Pandey
    Réalisé par: Vinod Pandey
    Musique: Sanjay Choudhry
    Codage: Multi-zones
    Langue: Hindi
    Sous-titre Aucun
    Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
    Vidéo: Format 16/9 compatible 4/3
    Bonus: Menu Interactive, Sélection des chapitres & Chansons..

    The film centers around a priest (Shiney Ahuja) who's far from your typical padre - he loves taking herbal massages in Calvin Klien chaddis and does 100 push-ups a day to bulge his biceps. When he agrees to teach a young nurse, Rosemary (Seema Rehmani), how to drive, he finds his sex drive getting accelerated. After he accidently spills mud on her dress, he takes the tragedy-struck heroine back to his house, where she sheds her clothes and catwalks in the skimpiest towel in the universe. They then succumb to each other’s desires and make love. Now, the priest makes a routine of spending the night with her and the day in front of the confession box, disguised in hideous moustaches.

    As Rosemary is looked down upon by others as a bachalan naari, he gets her married to a drunkard (Nitesh Pande) who’s aware of their affair but doesn’t mind ’coz he belongs to the ‘Mere-pyaar-ki-khushi-mein-meri-khushi-hain’ species (?!). But after a lusty encounter with her husband, she starts falling for him. This leads the priest to commit every ‘sin’ from murder to rape.

    Every individual associated with this film is a ‘sinner’ all the way especially the script writers and Ahuja, who acts contradictory to his name and doesn’t shine at all. Even after giving the film makers the benefit of doubt that the film was inspired from a true story, you still tend to question the logic behind the priest’s lecherous behavior and the scenes where he uses derogatory and abusive language and brutally assauls a pregnant woman.


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Sins DVD

Sins DVD